Words of Wisdom: “Be One Of A Kind”-Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is a great makeup artist and former YouTuber, but I also really like her positive personality. When I found this clip of her, I had to share for this week’s Words of Wisdom

In this video, Michelle compares each of us to snowflakes or stars in the Milky Way. None of them are exactly the same. They have their own unique features that set them apart from the rest of the pack. Just like us. The problem is that sometimes we conform to what those close to us or mainstream society expects us to do or be. It can be when it comes to our appearance and style or our work. It can be really tempting to do what the rest of the pack does or look how others look, especially when it seems they’re successful or loved behind it. 

Michelle encourages each of us to take a moment, maybe first thing in the morning or another time throughout the day, to take a look in the mirror or reflect on what makes you or your work unique. She says building self-confidence in yourself is like working out a muscle. You have to do it regularly in order to make a change. Daily reflection on what makes you great will help to build your self-esteem not only in what you look like but who you are as a person. Just don’t get too cocky, though! *winks*

Watch Michelle’s wise words below! 

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