Inspirational Jam: “Make It Happen”-Mariah Carey

“I held on to my faith…I struggled and I prayed and now I’ve found my way…”

I love this song from Mariah Carey. “Make It Happen” is a great Inspirational Jam to motivate us all to stay strong and keep pushing towards the visions we have for our lives.

Mariah’s life and career didn’t come without its share of problems. All of us can relate in some way, I’m sure. No one goes through life unscathed or without any type of struggle. I found that out the hard way, but I’m so much stronger now. I chalk that up to the power of prayer and perseverance in my life. Even though times got rough, I was able to develop the mental and emotional (and sometimes even physical) strength to keep going. I hope this song pushes you today.

Watch the official music video below!

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