Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Give Up On Your Dream”-Bishop T.D. Jakes

I want to offer up these Words of Wisdom from Bishop T.D. Jakes today for people who are feeling discouraged as they press towards their goals.

At one point, everyone has felt like they wanted to give up on themselves (some may even quit). I know I have wanted to quit on several occasions, and I’ve come pretty close. Watching this video gave me some real encouragement. Bishop Jakes is adamant that we all have something to offer this world with our gifts and dreams, even if it doesn’t seem like they’ll become reality. Even if we want to give up. Bishop Jakes encourages us to press forward anyway with this message. “It may take you twice as long. You may have to take courses and classes,” he says in the clip. “You might not read as fast. You might not move as quick. You might not have as much, but DON’T YOU QUIT.” 

A WORD. I know that sometimes I get discouraged about my life overall, believing that I’m not moving as fast or doing as much as others. I’m learning to stop comparing my journey to others and be confident in what I have to give. No matter how long it takes me to make my goals happen, I’m not stopping. How about you?

Watch Bishop Jakes’ words of wisdom below!

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