Mystery Man Pays For Gifts For Strangers This Holiday Season

One mystery man in Vermont is paying it forward for the holiday season.

A man, who only goes by the name Chris Kringle, went to Walmart in the state and helped to pay layaway bills for strangers in the store. For Julie Gates, it was a complete shock when the man paid her bill of $199. “I was still in disbelief and I turned to my mom and said, ‘He’s just a wonderful man and I think the Christmas magic is walking among us,’” she shared with Inside Edition after “Kringle” paid for her things.

The man went on to pay for others as well. However, he definitely doesn’t want to be identified for his good deeds. “I said, ‘Can I have your name so I know who I’m thanking?’ And he said, ‘Absolutely,’ and I thought he was going to give me his real name, and with that, he turned around, never said another word and walked off,” Julie shared.

Someone snapped a photo of the man from behind, showcasing a New England Patriots jacket that he wore at the store.

Turns out that the man has a fake Facebook account to keep things lowkey, and stated that he was glad to help others this season. “I think he’s just trying to stay anonymous, as anonymous as he can,” Julie shared. “He said, ‘I’m not the person my name is on Facebook, and I just wanted to say you’re welcome to everyone I helped.'”

This was truly a blessing for others this holiday season. And I applaud the man for wanting to do this without any recognition, too. Sometimes people do good deeds with bad intentions or to seek attention. He just wanted to give back where he could and kept it moving. I love that.


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