Words Of Wisdom: “Dare To Live Your Own Life”-Arianna Huffington

I love this short story from Ariana Huffington. It made a great Words of Wisdom video, so I had to share it with you all today.

While studying at the University of Cambridge, Arianna shared that she wanted to be a part of a debate team. Because of her thick Greek accent, her group didn’t trust her to actually participate, often leaving her as a very last resort. The media mogul admitted that she wasn’t that good at first, but was determined to learn how to speak. She studied the craft and got a lot better at delivering her words in front of a crowd, and she loves it now. And it was because she refused to back down when others laughed at her or put her down. Arianna was committed to doing what she wanted.

In this video, she encouraged us all to live our own lives in spite of people maybe not understanding or supporting. In fact, she actually commended millennials for daring to find what makes us happy instead of just going after jobs for the money (some of us anyway). Some people may not like or understand whatever it is you do, but who cares? As long as you’re not hurting anyone and it makes you happy, I say go for it. That’s what I’m doing.

Watch Arianna speak on this below…


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