This #MondayMotivation quote is mostly for me today, but I hope you are pushed by it too.

I struggle sticking to my health regimen. I know what to do to lose weight and maintain it, but I just haven’t been doing it consistently. What can I say? I love to eat. Most of us do. Pizza and French fries are my vices. Oh Lord…French fries. But I can’t possibly eat those regularly, or whatever other junk foods, and think that I’ll be able to just work it off and lose weight still. It doesn’t work like that. Weight loss and being healthy is a true commitment to a lifestyle change.  In fact, any change you want to see requires real commitment to make it happen. 

I reflected on that this morning as I woke up EARLYYYY for a workout and had my oatmeal for breakfast afterward. I would much rather be sleeping and munching on something else, but I made a commitment to myself to do better. Being committed to something is doing it even when you don’t feel like it. Even when it gets hard. Even when you’d rather chill. That’s everything from your health, to school, to your career or business, and your relationships.

I’m personally committing to push through to get to where I want to be…because I’m tired of not being there. What are you truly committing to today?

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