Inspirational Jam: “Best Day Of My Life”-American Authors

“I’m never gonna look back…Woah, never gonna give it up. No, just don’t wake me now…”

So I can’t call myself a huge fan of rock band American Authors, but I do love this song and all that it represents to me. Makes for a great Inspirational Jam!

The band’s track, “Best Day Of My Life” is all about celebrating the day you’re given, determined to make it a great one. Now, not every day or week ends up being that way. But I like to start on a positive tone, hoping it trickles down throughout the hours. Just considering every day a fresh start, a new beginning, regardless of what happened the day before, makes me happy.

Like I said, every day is not great, but I like to celebrate the days or even the moments that are. This song makes me want to dance around and make the most out of the day. Hope it uplifts you today!


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