Happy Monday y’all! Let’s get this week started off right with some #MondayMotivation!

I recently spoke with my boss about my job performance, and she admitted she was very impressed with me. It was a proud moment, I have to say. However, it was like I told her. Every day, I show up with a clean slate as if the day before didn’t happen—good, bad, or indifferent. I’m determined to get to work every day and give everything that I’ve got. Show up and show out.

That’s the gist behind this quote. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our wins or in our losses that we slack off. We procrastinate. We sit around doing nothing while we either wallow in self-pity or celebrate for too long. Every day we wake up, we must look at it as a new beginning. A fresh start. Give your all each and every day like you’ve never won or never lost.

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