Inspirational Jam: “On Lock”-Harry Mack

“They wonder where we going…I guess it’s to the top. Till we get it, it ain’t never gon’ stop.”

Like other people, I first saw Harry Mack in a commercial for the 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. He was sitting in the passenger seat while unsuspecting people test drove the car, and spit some rhymes about the new whip. I liked him and went to check out more of his music. This song sticks out to me, so I had to make it an Inspirational Jam!

“On Lock” is for the seriously hungry. The ones who are putting their heads down and staying on the grind with a MISSION. Harry raps with passion and fire on the song, the same passion and fire that we should all have when it comes to our goals. Sometimes, we lose sight of that, so this song is motivation to stay on track.

I typically share clean versions to keep it more calm, cool, and collected #OnHere, but I couldn’t find one. So, roll with the message!

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