Words Of Wisdom: “Don’t Temper Your Dreams”-Will Packer

I’m sure that someone needs to hear these Words of Wisdom from producer Will Packer today. I know I did!

In a short clip on Instagram, Will encourages us all not to temper our dreams. Meaning not to moderate or lessen them because they seem larger than life, or other people tell you that you can’t do it. Will had big dreams that he was able to make come true, but I’m sure he had has some naysayers or even his own doubts once in a while. Look at him now, though!

Our dreams are supposed to be bigger than we can imagine, but we hold ourselves back from reaching them because they seem unattainable or unrealistic. We think that we couldn’t possibly make them happen. That’s not to say that the road to reach them won’t be rough, BUT I believe that if you’re blessed with a vision for your life, through God, it is possible. 

My dreams have been growing exponentially over the past few years. I see myself doing more than I ever even thought. BUT doubt, fear, and insecurities often raise their ugly heads. I’m working on that. This gave me more motivation to not hold myself back. I hope it does the same for you.

Watch Will speak this major word below!

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