What In The World Do You Want?

At the time of this post, it’s been three months since I started my new job. I now feel fulfilled in what I do and the organization’s mission and work, and I’m truly seen as a real asset here. That makes me feel amazing.

So I had my 90 day review this week with my boss. As I looked over her remarks she had written prior for me to review and discuss with her later, I was glowing at her positive remarks. However, I knew that I needed to think long-term about what I wanted when it came to my future here. What could I do more of? How could I grow in my skills? What exactly did I want?

As I thought over a game plan, I realized that I needed to regroup and consider what in the world I wanted for my life in general. Between 2017 and 2018, I knew what I wanted and what I needed to do, and the majority of what I wanted came to pass. But things change, and I’ve changed. It was now time to reconsider what I wanted moving forward —out of my career, this blog, my relationships, my health etc. What was I doing well, and what could I do better? So, I took some time this week to plot out the rest of this year and 2019. After some serious honesty with myself, I know what I want and what I need to do to get there. It’s going to take some work and some big adjustments, but I’m ready.

You can’t move forward in your life unless you’re clear on goals you want to achieve. But it’s not only important to know what you want. It’s important to plot out how you plan to get there and execute that plan. Otherwise, you’re just floating aimlessly in life with a bunch of dreams and no real direction. I’ve been there. Not a great feeling.

Take some to reflect on who you are now, what works for you and what doesn’t anymore. Do you want a new job or to transition to your own business? Do you want to finally get that weight off? Are you planning to get serious about your finances? Take a look at what you need to do to get there. What steps do you need to take? What do you need to get better at? What do you need to let go of? In that journey, don’t be afraid to ask for help from others with more experience than you. If you don’t know of anyone, call on my good friend, Google. Helped me A LOT.

Once you’re clear on what you want and how you’ll execute, please know that you don’t have to wait until the new year to get started! A lot of us love the start of a new year because it’s like a reset button. It’s a new beginning for us all. We create our vision boards with hopes and good intentions to make the next year different. I get it. However, this year isn’t quite over yet. There’s still time to get a head start on everything you listed. You may not get everything you want done by December 31, but at least you’ll be on the right path!

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