Words of Wisdom: “Know Your Intentions”-Tyler Perry

I needed these Words of Wisdom from Tyler Perry. I hope they motivate you too on the path towards reaching your dreams.

Of course, Tyler’s journey to success was no easy feat. He was homeless for a while, struggling financially, and his first play was a flop. Yet and still, he KNEW that creating plays and movies was ultimately what he was supposed to be doing. That was his foundation. Knowing that he was meant to do more ultimately kept him going. “What you were building had to be strong enough to support the weight of whatever you could dream,” he shared in a graduation speech. That kept him going when he was climbing the ladder to success, and still keeps him going in spite of naysayers and rough times now.

When you know your intentions, the reasons why you do what you do, that is FUEL. Money is nice, but when you have a passion for what you do and real purpose behind it, that’s what helps you to persevere. Even when times aren’t always good. Even when you fail. Even when you face rejection after rejection. Know the intentions behind what you’re doing, and let that drive you.

Watch Tyler speak on this below…


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