Today’s my birthday, and it’s Monday! So while I encourage myself over here to get to work, here’s some #MondayMotivation to get you moving too.

Some weeks ago, I got a really nice compliment from my boss during an important meeting with some other big wigs in my organization. It made me feel proud because I’m just starting out here, so to know that she thinks highly of me and my work already was a good feeling.

Even though I have given my best so far, it hit me that this is the honeymoon phase. When you first start a new job or anything new really, you’re excited because it’s something different. However, soon the novelty wears off. Mistakes happen, and failures occur. You may even start to slack off as time goes on.

As I reflected on that today, I realized that I have to come ready to give 100% every single day. Even on the days when I don’t feel like it. Even on the days when things aren’t going well, and I want to quit. That’s with anything. My job. My freelance work. My fitness journey. My relationships. There are so many ups and downs along the way, but ultimate success doesn’t come by grinding when you feel like it. It doesn’t come when you work on things occasionally. Success really comes from what you do CONSISTENTLY.

So, whatever you do, commit to doing your personal best on a regular basis! Commit to growth. Commit to discipline and time management. Commit to letting go of procrastination. It’s a new month. Let’s get it!

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