I need this #MondayMotivation quote for my desk! I know this story all too well.

When I first graduated from college, I had a big head. A subtle one, but a big head nonetheless. Rightfully so, I was feeling myself for getting my degree with honors just like I promised myself I would when I was a sophomore in high school. But I let my college success make me entitled. I didn’t continue to work as hard as I should’ve, believing that simply my degree and past work would get the job done. It kind of did but didn’t at the same time.

I slacked off because my past successes got to my head. That ultimately led to so much failure on both a professional and personal part, which played with my emotions for years because I refused to let go. I had to learn for one, to be better and not bitter about my life’s direction, and also that both success and failure are fleeting. As quick as they come, that’s as quick as they go. While I’m proud of myself for my wins, I can’t harp on them too long. I have to be on to the next. And, while I still fail on a pretty regular basis, I’ve finally learned to accept my mistakes and grow from them, rather than be miserable about them.

You honestly need the right amounts of both success and failure to make it with a level head, but you can’t hold on to either of them for too long. Doing that will ultimately hurt you. Hopefully, you learn from my screw ups!

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