Today’s #MondayMotivation quote is a reminder that we have a life mission that is greater than just ourselves.

Doing some self-reflection lately, I realize I have been so focused on my own gain. Probably a little too focused. What puts things into perspective? Volunteering with my babies at church during the school year. Our youth program during Bible Study is getting ready to start back up and working with them always reminds me that I have the potential to influence not only them but others around me. I want it to be for the positive.

The problem is I get too wrapped up in myself sometimes to notice what’s going on around me. We all do at times, I’m sure. I need to be more aware of the needs of my family, in my church, and in my community, and then actually try to do something about it. And it doesn’t have to be huge initiatives or anything. Volunteering more. Lending a helping hand here and there. Even striking up a friendly conversation can make someone’s day. This quote reminded me of that.

I’m not knocking success. It’s great to be successful in whatever you do. As long as it’s not in a way that tears others down, I believe we’re meant to. However, it’s also important to make a positive impact while you’re on this earth as well. Keep that in mind!

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