Inspirational Jam: “Pretty Hurts”-Beyoncé

“Ms. Third Ward…what is your aspiration in life?” “Oh, well my aspiration in life would be…to be happy.”

When Beyoncé first released her self-titled album and I listened to “Pretty Hurts,” I got pretty emotional. While I was never a pageant girl like Bey, I had (and still sometimes do) go through intense scrutiny of my physical appearance. A lot of us do. In honor of her birthday this week, though, I wanted to drop this as an Inspirational Jam to show to love to anyone going through this right now.

The song and accompanying video takes Beyoncé back to her pageant days when she was scrutinized for her appearance, walk, speech, and talent. Even as a singer, she was and still is. Back then, I’m sure she obsessed over being perfect from her looks to her performances. Now, she’s begun to realize that perfection doesn’t exist. The obsession for perfection often makes people do crazy things to try to achieve it, from severely altering their body to overworking themselves. But, like Bey said, “it’s the soul that needs the surgery.

Watch the official video below!

I’ve gone through some stuff to try to achieve what I thought was “the perfect body.” I’ll write more about that in another post, but I quickly found that it didn’t matter what size I was. If I didn’t truly learn to love myself as I was, flaws and all, I would find something else to nitpick at and obsess over changing it. Slowly but surely, I embraced my looks, my personality, and my quirks. I learned to love the fact that I was perfectly imperfect, and saw that others embraced me for that as well. This song was a part of that journey for me. I hope it uplifts anyone going through self-esteem issues, particularly when it comes to your body. Cliché I know, but there is true beauty in your imperfections.

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