Inspirational Jam: “Movin’ On”-Brandy

“I make sure everyday that I don’t let nothing hold me back…got to be on track. I gotta move…”

Today’s Inspirational Jam is a ’90s throwback from the one and only Brandy. This song is definitely a forever mood!

On her track, “Movin’ On,” a young Brandy Even then, she knew that, whatever path she chose, she had to do what was right for her. That could be looked at as making the right career decisions, choosing the right friends, and making better choices for your overall life and health.

Almost 25 years later, that message still rings true, and it’s one I’m taking to heart. Whatever or whoever isn’t good for me and my development, my career, my overall life, is getting cut or pushed to the side. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that at this point, but this song is definitely a great reminder! I hope you all are making good decisions for your own benefit, too. If not, it’s time to start.

Take a listen to the song below…


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