Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Back Down”-Eric Thomas

I love watching Eric Thomas’ videos! He keeps it all the way real, giving people exactly what they need to hear. I know I needed to hear the message behind this video! So I’m passing it along as today’s Words of Wisdom video.

In the video, ET notes that, when many of us face trials and challenges, we stop and turn to run. That’s with anything—school, work, weight loss, or any other new goal or opportunity. It’s our natural inclination because we get scared or discouraged. In true ET fashion, he says that that’s the reason why we haven’t reached the level of success we want.

I saw this video this week in my saved clips on Instagram, and he was talking directly to me. With my new job, I’ve had moments of mistakes that have been discouraging. Small things, but, with my anxiety and perfectionism, it tends to feel 10 times bigger and worse. So I start questioning myself and my capabilities. I’m not quitting because I love the mission behind my company and learning from more experienced professionals (and I need the checks!). But my nerves get the best of me and I sometimes psych myself out. Have you had something like that happen before?

This video was a reminder to me to NOT BACK DOWN. Yeah, I’ll make mistakes and fail along the way, but I can’t stop. Things may not always work out like they should, but I have to keep going. That’s with any goal for any of us. We have to put it in our minds that we will not leave our opportunities and goals behind until we are successful! I’m committed to that. Are you?

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