Today’s #MondayMotivation quote from writer Anaïs Nin really resonates with me. I hope it motivates y’all too!

I wrote previously about Susan Jeffers‘ book, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. This quote is in direct connection with it. Fear isn’t something that ever really goes away (unless you’re just really reckless). At some point, a bit of nerves will rise up with trying new things. It’s human nature. But fear is also something that we have to commit to pushing through to get to our destinies. That’s courage. 

If we refuse to be courageous, like Anaïs mentioned, our life shrinks. Sure, we may be comfortable with our lives, but we will never truly know what we could’ve done or where we could’ve ended up. But when we feel that fear and push through anyway? When we make an intentional decision to be courageous? Doors open. Opportunities come up. We GROW. Don’t let fear get in the way of that. Ever.

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