This #MondayMotivation quote is a personal one for me today. I hope it helps y’all too!

Today, I start a new job (A lot of these posts are scheduled in advance, so NO, I’m not blogging on the job!). As with anything new, I’m nervous and freaking out on the inside. Will I be able to handle this? Will everything work out? 

Seeing this quote gave me encouragement. I may have fears of the future and the unknown, and how I’ll do or where I’ll end up. But looking at how God has worked things out for me in the past, and what I’ve been able to accomplish, it gives me hope that I will be okay.

The same goes for you. Look at your life journey so far and what you’ve done. Surely, there were some unknowns and frustrations, but you made it over some hurdles, right? The same will go for any challenges and changes that come up. You just have to make up in your mind that you’ll fight through. Let’s face these new challenges together!

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