Welp, it’s a new month, and the second half of 2018 has begun! I hope that this #MondayMotivation quote pushes you to do more for the rest of the year.

A lot of us have a list of goals that we wanted to accomplish in 2018. We had our New Year resolutions. We had our vision boards all planned out. So let’s evaluate. From January through June, how far have you gotten? Have you remained committed or fallen off? I’ll admit that I’ve stuck with most of my goals, but have fallen off with a few others. I lost my commitment.

That’s what this quote is about. Commitment really is sticking to what you said you were going to do even when you don’t feel like at the current moment. Commitment is pushing through those feelings of laziness and procrastination, and putting in the work. So, for the rest of this year, the second half of 2018, can we all commit to making our goals happen, even when we don’t feel like it? I’m ready. Are y’all ready? Let’s get it!

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