Inspirational Jam: “Good Things”-Christian Rich feat. Denai Moore

“If I have to fight alone, I’m prepared to…good things don’t come that easy.”

Production duo Christian Rich‘s track, “Good Things” featuring Denai Moore is a great Inspirational Jam for you all! The song is all about fighting for your goals in spite of the circumstances that arise.

I hope you know by now that getting the life you want isn’t going to come easy. It’s a lot of work and frustration and tears, I know. I personally used to expect things to be given to me simply because I was good at what I do, but it’s not that simple. The hustle out here is real. And, if you aren’t willing to fight for what you want, no matter what comes your way, you’re going to fall behind. I hope this song encourages you to push forward today and beyond!

Listen to the track below…

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