This #MondayMotivation quote hit me right upside the head. Hard.

Everyone loves the hustle when they’re working on things that they’re passionate about. I know, most days, I love creating new content for myself and other clients. But it’s the other things that help to get me ahead that I don’t always like. It’s having to work another full-time job to pay the bills. It’s having to face potential rejection to promote my brand to put myself out there. It’s having to sacrifice time and energy to do things to grow in my writing career. But it’s all a part of the hustle. The parts that you like AND the parts that you don’t.

Getting ahead isn’t all peaches and cream. I’m sure you know that by now. But doing the things you love AND the things you don’t are what’s going to help you to move forward towards your goals. That’s true hustle.


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