Inspirational Jam: “All Blue”-Jade Novah

“Watching the world spinning out of control, it seems like we living to die
Who wants to keep looking down at the floor, we should have our heads up high…”

I love this beautiful song “All Blue” by Jade Novah, and had to share it as this week’s Inspirational Jam!

The song is Jade’s official debut single, and it’s pure inspiration to never put limits on what I am able to do in this life. I may have some fears and doubts, but I’m determined to keep my head up high and power through anyway. I know that there is more ahead for me, so why would I keep my head down? Why would I settle? I finally understand the power I have within myself, so why would I ever settle for an average life on the ground? I’m working towards a magnificent life up in the clouds, one that I myself never even imagined. That’s what I get out of this song. I hope that you find inspiration in this too!

Watch the official video below!

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