Words of Wisdom: “Don’t Be A Part-Time Dreamer”-Paulo Coelho

I love this #WordsofWisdom clip from famed writer Paulo Coelho!

Best known for his book, The Alchemist, Paulo sat down with Oprah Winfrey for her Super Soul Sunday series to talk about his work and offered some great gems. In this video, he discusses the importance of not being a part-time dreamer!

 However, the only way to actually get there is to do whatever it is you have a passion for! If you want to be a writer, and maybe aren’t finding that many opportunities, create your own site (that’s what I did!). If you want to start your own business in something you’re passionate about, research the necessary steps you need to take and get moving. If you want to be an artist, work on your craft.

Dreaming is great and all, but actually becoming the person you want to be requires ACTION on your part. No, every part of the journey won’t be perfect, but eventually, you’ll get where you were supposed to be. You’d be surprised how many doors will open for you once you finally get started!

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