Inspirational Jam: “Last of Me”-Xscap3

“Some say luck, but it’s my season to climb up out the ground, and stand up tall…” 

Xscap3 has been on the move since their tour last year, moving on as a trio without Kandi Burruss. The group released an EP, Here For It, which includes today’s Inspirational Jam, “Last of Me!”

We all have certainly had people who have looked down on us and thought that we weren’t going to amount to much. This song is all about proving them wrong! No matter who may try to put me down, I’ve been through enough to stand strong and confident in who I am and what I have to give. Each one of you is too. I’m not saying that words don’t hurt, because they do.  However, you’re strong enough to rise above and show the haters that no one can stop these goals of yours!

Take a listen to the track below…

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