Words of Wisdom: “Be Yourself”-Issa Rae

These Words of Wisdom from Issa Rae are simple but powerful.

In this video, the writer/actress/director/etc. opened up about what she would tell her younger self. The main piece of advice? Stop trying so hard. She often felt like she wasn’t good enough, cool enough or fun enough. But now she realizes that she didn’t need to be that. She learned to embrace who she was, EXACTLY THE WAY SHE WAS.

I’ll probably develop a longer post about this later, but I struggled with this for a long time, especially when I was younger. I felt like I had to be like the majority to get other people to like me, and I got tired of it after a while. Even now, I have to check myself on trying to be like other people while working on this site. Pretending gets tiring.  So I’m learning to stick to who I really am, quirks and all. Those who rock with me will continue to. Those who don’t…well, bye!

Watch Issa’s video below!


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