LOL: Man Quits His Job At Popeyes With A Big Pun Remix

man quit popeyes

The internet is forever undefeated!

A man was so fed up with his job at Popeyes that he decided to quit. Not only was he going to quit, he was going to go out with a BANG. So the guy walks into the Popeyes with a mike and an instrumental of Big Pun’s song “Still Not A Player” blasting and… well, here’s the result….

No, I DO NOT recommend quitting your job like this, but I definitely can understand why people do this. When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, you’re liable to snap. He just snapped in a full-out song! Can’t even lie, this cover was a bop too! That’s why his co-workers were dancing in the background LOL.

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