Inspirational Jam: “Four Pink Walls”-Alessia Cara

“I assumed there was only room for my dreams in my dreams, so I’d sleep and repeat ’til the moon went home. And I didn’t know where it’d take me…”

I was reminded of this great song by Alessia Cara while working on a playlist for my sister’s graduation party last night. Had to share it for this week’s Inspirational Jam!

On Alessia’s song “Four Pink Walls,” she sings about how, when she was a kid, she used to stare at the pink walls in her bedroom and dream of a better life. She wanted more for herself, and kind of felt stuck where she was. However, her talent and hard work ultimately opened a door for her to now be a successful, Grammy-winning artist!

I know that dream well. I didn’t have pink walls LOL, but I used to dream of reaching different goals that have finally happened for me. But it wasn’t just because I dreamed big. I put in the work, tears, money, losses, etc. etc. BUT IT EVENTUALLY HAPPENED. So I hope that this song serves as encouragement to someone on the verge of giving up to keep pushing and working, even if the dream doesn’t seem in reach.

Watch Alessia’s homemade video for this track below!

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