Words of Wisdom: “Get To Know Yourself”-Adrienne Bailon

I love Adrienne Bailon‘s spirit! She just really seems like a sweet and genuine person with a lot of good advice to share. So I had to share this great video with her powerful Words of Wisdom!

Adrienne had always wanted to study abroad and immerse herself in other cultures. She had travel for work, of course, but that’s not really the same. So, during a summer break from her talk show, The Real, she took time to do just that. Alone. Not only did she get to experience different cultures and had the opportunity to think about who she is now and what she wanted for her life.

I’m ALL for this. You don’t necessarily have to travel across the world to do it, but you can take daily moments of reflection about the direction of your life  And it’s important to do this BY YOURSELF. ALONE. Which can scare people, I know. “I think sometimes when you hear the noise of everyone around you, you can’t really figure out what it is you really want for yourself,” Adrienne said. So true!

Watch Adrienne’s words of wisdom below…

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