Steve Jobs inspirational quote

I always keep this #MondayMotivation quote from the late Steve Jobs in the back of my mind.

I’ve seen people settle for jobs that they don’t truly have a passion for or that don’t challenge them. It’s understandable. We got bills out here. However, I personally refuse to spend the next 30 years of my life doing things that I hate just for the sake of a paycheck. I don’t live in a dream world or make reckless decisions, but I’m working on making my side hustle my full-time hustle. I know what I truly want to do now, and I’m not stopping until I get there.

I encourage you guys to do the same. You really can’t do great work when your heart’s not in the work you do. Find something that you truly love to do, whether it’s at a fulfilling 9-5 or working for yourself. And if you haven’t found your true purpose yet, here are a few questions that can help you discover it! Because life really is too short to be out here unhappy each day because you settled for the mundane.

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