Inspirational Jam: “Hear My Battle Cry”-Photronique feat. Shari Short

“So many people try to mess with my mind, but they’re just wasting their breath and their time.

Their hurtful comments try to push me down, but they will never see me on the ground…” 

This is a fun, upbeat Inspirational Jam that I hope will strengthen you guys today!

“Hear My Battle Cry” from Photronique feat. singer Shari Short is all about standing strong, prepared to fight no matter what may rise up against you. I know that I am a fighter for my goals and, ultimately, my life, and it’s not an easy road at all. Songs like this encourage me to continue to rise above, even when I may want to quit. Hopefully, it will encourage you as well.

Take a listen with the official lyric video below!

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