Words Of Wisdom: “It’s Time To Have No Excuses”-Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

This Words of Wisdom video from Michelle Williams is a much-needed kick in the behind!

In this clip shared by xo Necole, Michelle shares that it’s time for all of us to move with no excuses. We let excuses of being busy, or not being good enough, or whatever else get into our heads, and then hold off on doing stuff. In the end, all we do is hold our own selves back! “We don’t do things when we should do things because we think we’re going to get a second chance,” Michelle stated. Ain’t that the truth!

Look, opportunities will straight pass you by and even go to a less qualified person if you keep playing around. I’m partly preaching to myself with this one. I’ve talked before about all of these plans we continue to make, but never truly execute. In 2018, I’ve been moving with no excuses in my life and the results are slowly but surely paying off! I hope that you are committed to that as well. If not, make that commitment today!

Watch Michelle’s advice below!


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