Lewis Howes

Words of Wisdom: “Make a Difference”-Lewis Howes

I hope that these great Words of Wisdom from athlete turned author and entrepreneur Lewis Howes inspire you today!

In a speech, Lewis shares a story of a boy picking up a bunch of starfish that had washed up on the beach and throwing them back into the ocean to save them. There were literally millions of these starfish and no way that this boy was going to be able to save every one of them. A man noticed the boy’s seemingly futile mission and told him just that. The boy replied, “Well, at least I made a difference to that one.”

Most of us will not ever be able to reach millions of people. We’re not Mother Theresa or the Pope, and that’s perfectly okay.  We can still go out and do something kind for just one person that can make their entire day. We can make a positive impact on just one person, and potentially change the course of that person’s life. That, to me, is still worthwhile and commendable. 

Watch Lewis speak below…


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