Words of Wisdom: “Work Without Permission”-Ava DuVernay

Ava Duvernay

I definitely had to share these Words of Wisdom from director, screenwriter, and producer Ava DuVernay!

In this clip, Ava stresses the importance of working on our goals without permission. “Who are we asking for permission to do what we want to do? That should be eradicated,” Ava mentions in the clip. Who are you really seeking approval from? Honestly, you don’t need it. People mean well, but most often don’t see or understand the vision that has been placed in your heart. That’s okay. You can’t really expect that.

So many of us feel the need for permission or approval, whether it be with our family and friends, our bosses, or even people on social media. I went through that phase myself and, in a sense, tried to be someone I wasn’t because of that. Over time, I learned that I have to go after the vision that God has given me for my life regardless of what other people think or feel I should do. I take in a few opinions and constructive criticism from a select few, but I no longer let anyone throw me off of my life path. You shouldn’t either.

Listen to Ava’s great advice below!



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