I read this quote from Sir Francis Bacon in La La Anthony’s The Power Playbook, and had to share it for some #MondayMotivation!

We all have gifts and talents embedded inside of us. Some of us have found ours, while others of us may be still trying to find it, and that’s okay. When you do discover what you’re naturally good at, it’s so important to nurture those gifts!

One of the best ways to do that is to STUDY. Read books and articles about your craft. Watch videos. Go to events and conferences. Study those who’ve come before you in your field. While I’m working on my own stuff, I also study other bloggers, inspirational speakers, and influencers.  Not too much, or I’ll get obsessed in their journeys and try to compare them to my own. But just enough where I’m able to glean new tips and skills from more experienced people.

You can be crazy talented and still fall off by the wayside because you don’t take the time to grow in what you do. Take the time to constantly evolve in your gift by studying it and becoming even better!

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