Inspirational Jam: “Positive”-Taio Cruz

taio cruz

“Even though you try to pull me under, I never drown now. So I’m gonna ride the wave…I’m not going down now…”

Even though I run this positive site, I struggle a lot with actually being positive (go figure, right?). Matter of fact, a good part of the reason why I started this site was because of that struggle. I needed to work on something that actually uplifted me no matter what was going on, and, in turn, uplifted others. That’s why it’s also so important for me to share these Inspirational Jams.

Today’s is singer Taio Cruz‘s song, “Positive!” I love this song, because Taio sings about people and circumstances that may try to knock him down, yet he remains optimistic and positive, knowing that he’s going to win. That’s the problem with many of us (myself included). After so many losses and bad moments, we lose faith in the fact that we are meant to win in this life. It’s a daily press for a lot of us. I hope and pray, though, that those bad times ultimately fuel us instead of consistently discourage us. I’m working on remaining positive about my life…are you?

Take a listen to “Positive” below…

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