Words of Wisdom: “Live Beyond the Expectations of Others”-RuPaul


I love me some RuPaul. I have ever since I saw him as Connie the Bodega woman in Crooklyn. Beyond drag and music, I always loved the fact that he seemed comfortable being himself regardless of what others may think. And I’m sure he had a rough time along the way, but he stands tall in who he is. That’s why I love these Words of Wisdom from him!

We really can get caught up in what other people think and expect of us. Family, friends, and even strangers on the internet. However, over time, I’ve learned to pay most people no mind if they don’t agree with my look, my words, or whatever else. I can’t be worried about what other people want me to be or what they think I should do, especially when it’s just negative criticism. If it don’t apply, I really let that mess fly. Mean and rude comments say a lot about the other person, and not me.

Watch RuPaul discuss his own experience with the one and only Oprah Winfrey


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