This #MondayMotivation quote kind of hit me in my feelings as I wrote this post. But I definitely had to share it with you guys anyway.

It’s hard out here attempting to reach new levels. I have so many ideas and dreams, and have been busy trying to execute my plans behind the scenes. But it’s HARD. If I’m honest, I probably have a full on breakdown every couple of months. And I’ve told you already that every now and then, I want to throw up my hands, flip over a desk, and quit it all. The journey to success and the work it takes to get there is so freaking long and intimidating!

BUT I know that my purpose is greater than the process. I don’t know exactly where exactly I’m headed, but I believe that God’s has promised for me as His child to be the head and not the tail. I know I’m destined for more than my current circumstances may show. And I believe that for each one of you! Don’t let the struggles in your journey scare you from doing what you know you were made to do!

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