Terry Crews

Words of Wisdom: “Explore New Opportunities”-Terry Crews

I love this Words of Wisdom video from Terry Crews!

Terry started out in the NFL as a defensive end and linebacker in the nineties, but gravitated towards acting after his football career. Of course, not a lot of people saw acting as the best opportunity for him.  But Terry tried anyway. “As I kept trying new things, new doors kept opening,” he said in the clip. And look at his career now!

So often, people get deterred from exploring new things. Maybe because of fear of failure. Maybe because they feel they’re too old now (or too young). Maybe there’s doubt in ability. But it’s like my father used to tell me: “Nothing beats a failure but a try.” You really never know what the future might hold for you! You’ll only discover that if you open yourself up to trying new things and exploring new opportunities.

Watch Terry speak on this below!


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