Corey Taylor Monday Motivation

This #MondayMotivation quote from musician Corey Taylor truly got me all the way together!

We often get caught up in expecting other people to help us, instead of trying to help ourselves. One of the biggest things I had to realize over the past year of starting this site is just how important it is to INVEST IN YOURSELF. Even the ones who you think should support you or reward your work aren’t necessarily obligated to and may not ever help you. That’s anyone from your family to your bosses to your friends.

I really started getting angry when I felt like my work in different avenues wasn’t being appreciated or supported. Then I saw this quote and it shook my mindset up. I realized that nobody owes you anything in your life. YOU owe yourself everything. You owe it to yourself to give everything that you have towards your goals and your life purpose. Other people may very well help you and support you, which is a great thing. However, you can’t just automatically presume that you’re going to get that. Expect more out of yourself. Do more for yourself. Work more for yourself. Reward yourself. Clap for yourself. Don’t ever lose out on what you’re meant to do behind waiting for other people to do things for you!

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