DJ Khaled Starts “Key To Social Change” Scholarship Program

DJ Khaled

Great news for students! DJ Khaled has officially partnered with Get Schooled for a new scholarship initiative, Key to Social Change.

The new scholarship campaign pushes high school and college students to use their social media accounts to make a positive impact in their own communities. Khaled announced the program during his acceptance speech for  Viacom’s 2018 Social Impact Award. “Now more than ever, we must unite and use our voices to drive change,” he said. “Get Schooled and Viacom have become family to me, and we’ll continue our work to help young people use their talent and leadership for good.”

Through Key To Social Change, students will receive lessons on content development, effective digital communications and platform selection. Using those lessons, they will then have to develop a social media campaign to impact an important cause. After evaluation, winners will be selected based on the ideas and research presented.

The program launches on April 2 and will give over $20,000 in scholarships! At that time, more info will be available on Get Schooled’s website. It’s truly a great opportunity for students, not only for this scholarship money, but also for these kids to learn more about using social media on a much grander scale. And who knows? The campaigns these kids develop may just be able to be used in real life!

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