To start the week, here’s a #MondayMotivation quote from actress Octavia Spencer. I really hope it resonates with you guys this week and beyond!

To be honest, I struggle so much with comparison, and it really the ultimate thief of joy. I often look at the achievements of past schoolmates, friends, and other people I follow on social media, and feel…inadequate. Like I’m not doing enough. Even though I’m doing pretty well myself.

I’ve concluded that comparison really is the devil. It takes us out of focus and makes us feel like we aren’t doing enough simply based off of what someone else has posted or shared. And, like Octavia stated, it throws us off from finding our own success because we’re so worried about not being on the same levels of others.

I’ve realized that each of us has our own individual journeys, and not everyone moves at the same speed or does the same things. And that’s okay. Comparing yourself to others ultimately just ends up hurting you in the end. So it’s better to just focus on what you have and what you’re doing. You’ll definitely be happier that way.

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