Words Of Wisdom: “Place Importance on the Right Things”-J. Cole

J Cole

Man, these Words of Wisdom from J. Cole from some years back still ring true!

In a clip from a 2014 interview with Angie Martinez, Cole speaks on how we, as a society, often place our focus on attaining success, more money, more posssessions. More, more, more. All of it’s never truly satisfying and truly attainable, because we will then continue to see and want whatever’s newer, bigger, and better. But if you put importance on what really matters–love and respect for those around you, acts of kindness, etc.–you will find true happiness. There’s plenty of that to go around that will feed your soul.

And I know for myself just how much this is true, because, after attaining some of the very things I wanted and I prayed for, I still found myself wanting even more. I put my focus on attaining success in my career, money, and material things, which isn’t necessarily a terrible thing. But it becomes bad when you put it above your beliefs and values, before your family, before your integrity, before the intangible things that ultimately matter so much more. I don’t want to ever forget what’s most important, and I don’t want you all to either.

Watch Cole’s powerful words below!

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