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Words of Wisdom: “Get Focused and Clear”-Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Definitely needed these Words of Wisdom from entrepreneur and life coach Tony Robbins!

We all WANT a lot of things. We want to lose weight. We want to reach new levels in our careers. We want our side hustles to take off. And that’s all well and good. However, you need to get really clear and focus on what you want, creating a real plan to reach your goal, and then actually executing!

When you do all that and concentrate every day on the vision you have for your life, it definitely gives you a boost of energy. At least it does for me! Thinking about the progress I’ve made so far, and what all I’m still trying to do, makes me even hungrier to make it happen. I get even more in the zone. I have no problems putting my down time to better use because I’m completely clear on what I want and focused on doing the work to get there! 

Take a listen to Tony’s inspirational words below…

Your decisions now ultimately determine your destiny. What are you focusing on achieving?

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