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Teens Write Thousands of Notes to Encourage Every Student In Their School

In the wake of the tragic Parkland shooting in February, students at Carmel Clay High School were challenged by a teacher to something nice for the rest of their schoolmates. But their act of kindness definitely went above and beyond anything anyone could imagine!

Ceramics teacher Sarah Wolff asked a group of her students to do something kind for their classmates. So the teens decided to write and print out uplifting notes not just to their friends, but to every single student in the school!

The project was definitely a huge endeavor, with the students creating 5,100 individual notes of inspiration and taping them to school lockers. The positive notes said simple but meaningful things like, “You are loved” and “Be the type of person you want to meet.”

The notes were so surprising and moving that a lot of the students kept them up on their lockers! And their teacher was incredibly moved herself. “I just said, ‘you know when you go to sleep tonight I hope that you know that you made a positive impact on someone’s day,’” Sarah said in an interview with WXIN.


This was an amazing thing for these teens to do, especially after such a scary and heartbreaking tragedy like at Parkland. I’m sure that a lot of their fellow classmates were encouraged by it!

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