This #MondayMotivation quote was definitely one for me at the place in my life right now.

We really can’t always change our circumstances or the places that we find ourselves, but yes, we can change ourselves. We can change our way of thinking about the situation, challenging ourselves to remain positive and optimistic in spite of what’s going on around us. We can push ourselves to do more than we think we are doing on the journey towards reaching our dreams. We can start to be more conscious of what we are contributing to any situation in our lives, good or bad.

For me, I sometimes feel stuck in a place I’m truly not meant to be, but I had to be honest with myself about what I was doing (and wasn’t doing) to reach better heights. I had to be honest about my own negativity that was holding me back. When I began changing my mindset and my work, different issues in my life began changing for the better. Just something to think about as we kick off this week!

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