Ooh buddy, if I could tell you just how much I’ve cried and screamed over the years in trying to get to where I want to be in life. It can be very frustrating, sometimes. Not seeing good results from all of the hard work that you’ve put in sometimes is discouraging, and makes you want to give up.

As much as I want to quit on my gift and goals and settle into a mundane life, I can’t. I literally can never find the will to just give up on my dreams for my life, no matter what happens. Some days, I’ll admit that I get extremely frustrated, cry, get into emotional eating, or find myself in this numbness watching Netflix on my couch (which is why I had to find healthier ways to de-stress). However, I’ll never quit. My passion for what I do is much too great.

It’s okay to feel disappointed and hurt in this journey towards your goals, because things definitely do not always happen like you think they will. However, it’s not okay to give up on your dreams and gifts just because it isn’t always easy. I hope this #MondayMotivation quote encourages you this week and beyond to keep going in spite of what does or doesn’t happen for you. Everything will fall into place at the right time, but you’ll only see it happen if you don’t give up!

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