jojo alessia cara

Inspirational Jam: “I Can Only”-JoJo feat. Alessia Cara

“All that you’re gettin’ is all that you see
I’m cool with it
Nothing else ever made much sense to me
I’m not doing it…”

I love this week’s Inspirational Jam from JoJo featuring Alessia Cara!

On “I Can Only,” the two sing about how, no matter what anyone thinks, they can only be who they are! In a world where several people conform to the “norm,” and do what they see others do, it’s always great to see people be themselves, quirks and all. That’s what ultimately makes you stand out from the pack anyway.

As I’ve I gotten older, even though I can sometimes compare myself to others, I realize that I can only be myself. The introverted girl who hates small talk about nothing, and would rather be around people with good vibes. The girl who takes a while to warm up to people, but, once she does, is a loud, fun, and outgoing goofball, but still authentic and very loyal. The girl who does a better job of expressing herself sometimes on paper than verbally, and is sometimes a little awkward *shrugs*

I used to think that my quirks or my unique likes were things that I needed to fix, but they make me Brittany Shawnté. Some may love it, others may hate it. Regardless, I’m going to be myself. I want y’all to have that same mentality!

Take a listen to the song below…

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