Six-Year-Old Recreates Works of Art by African Americans in Powerful Photos

This beautiful little girl is back again with wonderful tributes to African American works in honor of Black History Month!

Cristi Smith-Jones and her six-year-old daughter Lola have been recreating popular black paintings, sculptures, and film characters in an amazing daily photo series online. Some of the people that Lola has portrayed include Maya AngelouBeneatha Younger (A Raisin in The Sun), Eve Batiste (Eve’s Bayou), and even Shuri in Black Panther!

Check out some of the great photos below!

Young Lola also took pictures like these last February, dressing up as historical black women, with Cristi sharing one picture for each of the 28 days of the month.

Cristi had a greater purpose for the series in mind beyond likes and retweets. “I wanted to do this concept this year, because it is important to me that my children grow up knowing about the amazing people who led the way for us, but also to have an appreciation for their actual works,” the mom told “My hope is that Lola will grow up and look back at these photos, and read these books, watch these films, learn about this art, and see herself in them.” Amen!

Absolutely love these pics, and Cristi’s right. It’s a great way to educate not only her kids, but others as well!

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